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4 Tips On How To Monetize Your Blog

April 19, 2017

Blogging is one of the current trends in Internet profitability. Blogs supply readers with a personal review of commodities, services, and experiences. Simply making a few refinements to a blog can assist you in generating revenue while writing.

If you’re ready to take blogging to the next level, here are some tips to monetize your blog:



Placing advertisements on your blog via programs such as Google AdSense or Propeller Ads monetizes the blog using pay-per-click (PPC). Typically, the ad publishers show images or text links derived from the keywords situated in your blog posts. This produces an ad that interests readers.

Based on a pay-per-click model, a visitor who clicks on a product link or image grants you a small proportion of the advertising revenue. Each click produces merely pennies in profits, yet the pennies may accumulate up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month. Obviously, the more visitors on your blog means more page views which amount to increased ad revenues.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of income generator that can assist your blog in earning thousands of dollars each month.

There many companies worldwide that will pay you an enticing commission to promote them.

To get started with affiliate marketing, research any products or services that fit appropriately with your niche blog. If you already use the product or service, consider reaching out to the company via email or social media. Usually, when you are granted approval of the affiliate program, a unique affiliate link can be placed in your review article which readers may click on. When the reader signs up to buy the product or service, a commission is generated for you.


Keywords and Product Targeting

Make sure to retain the blog’s focus to one niche and industry. If you focus on more than one topic, spread it out by creating a new blog.

Each blog should emphasize specific products for enhanced ad clicks. For instance, visitors who read product reviews for headphones have a greater possibility of seeing an ad tailored exclusively for their shopping interest. This signifies increased PPC revenue for the blogger.


Keep Writing Consistently

Google will rapidly crawl and index blogs that write unique, captivating content more frequently. Avoid permitting your blog to become stale. Carry on adding new blog posts every day to produce more traffic to the blog. As previously stated, more page views generate more money.



These tips assist you in monetizing your blog while you continue writing.

Blogs are an excellent way to generate passive income, and you can keep readers enlightened on the most recent products and experiences.

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