Sunny Hoi is an IT Security Professional, Hacker, Coder, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Unix/Linux enthusiast, occasional comedian, down-to-earth guy, and lifelong student from Vancouver, B.C. He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Passions & Capabilities

Sunny’s notable passions include information security, Unix security, operations security, system administration, penetration testing, computer programming, reverse engineering, social engineering, cryptology, cryptographic protocols, quantum computing, digital forensics, intelligence analysis, OSINT gathering, malware analysis, intrusion detection, packet analysis, log analysis, incident management, music, books, fitness, Law, Computer Science, Criminology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Sunny Hoi is the very definition of an unprecedented individual, ceaselessly instituting the standards of excellence.

A genuine triple threat, Sunny is known for his keen intellectual ability, superior IT expertise, and exceptional writing prowess.

His ability to dedicate himself in accomplishing a given task after one another successfully with consistency and precision marks him a force to be reckoned with. Writing is one of the cornerstones situated within life that he truly excels at. The hidden gem of his musical talent shocks those who discover it.

As a person who grew up with computers, Sunny is brilliant in utilizing Unix-based operating systems. His ability to transition to different Linux distributions, BSD systems, or run his all-time favorite Solaris OS poses no difficulty for him at all. His extensive computer programming knowledge and vast IT security mastery illustrate him as the quintessential IT guy.

Technical Background

Sunny received his first computer which was a Compact running Windows 98 when he was in kindergarten. His fascination for computers began promptly, and he immersed indefinitely. Sunny started learning the mIRC scripting language (mSL) before entering the first grade. Later on, he picked up Visual Basic 6.0 quickly.

He proceeded to learn various other programming languages: C, C#, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL.

C-family programming languages are among Sunny’s favorites.

Operating System Expertise

Sunny began to take a keen interest in operating systems, Unix security, and web application security. Debian and Fedora began to grow as Sunny’s favorite Linux distributions. FreeBSD and OpenBSD captured his passion for Unix-like operating systems. Solaris became one of his most used operating systems of all time due to its reliability and security.

Web Application Security Expert

He has also mastered security vulnerabilities notably ones found in web applications such as Cross-site scripting, File Inclusion vulnerabilities, and Code injections.

Yes, he sounds like a computer geek trapped in the basement of his parents. But rest assured, when Sunny talks about computers, he knows computers.

Biography Contd

People that truly know Sunny perceives him as a kind and intelligent individual with a keen mind. They also know that he has a great sense of humor and that he possesses an amazingly sharp mind: being capable of perceiving certain things that a majority of individuals would be unaware of and figuring out things quickly while providing solutions to critical issues. Therefore, Sunny’s skill asset also includes analyzing and interpreting Western civilization.

When Sunny is not blogging, he can be seen spending most of his free time working out at the gym, reading, writing, programming, penetration testing, administrating servers, gaming, watching movies and television shows, and listening to music.

Blog Dissemination

Sunny seeks to expand the knowledge of his readers through numerous subjects: information security, cyber security, reviews of various entertainment mediums, fitness, personal stories and life experiences. Thus, he also incorporates unique insight and advice into blog posts. Nevertheless, most of the content on this blog pertains to technology-oriented topics.

The flexibility of Sunny’s knowledge and skills in these various subjects offer the reader not merely valuable wisdom, but also something inherently interesting as well.

Sunny also shares, in detail, his own stories and life experiences. If he has accomplished something, expect to learn about it here. If he has failed, the audience can read about that too.


Sunny strongly accepts that there is no reason people can’t follow the same path as he can. More importantly, he is positive that others may match or exceed his achievements and also overcome the most challenging obstacles in life. Sunny believes that maintaining a consistent work ethic and being patient delivers optimistic results. Nothing substitutes hard work.

In one’s life course, Sunny emphasizes that a person will encounter predictable individuals that enjoy and reenact toxicity. Sunny affirms that these types of toxic individuals should be disregarded at all times. Sunny stresses that if an individual cares too much about what other people think, he or she becomes the captive of others. Focusing on what other people think negatively of that person serves absolutely no merit at all. They are ultimately futile beings that strive to bring emotional havoc into other peoples’ lives. If one focuses solely on the toxic behavior initiated by others, he or she is likely to be distracted and hindered from attaining their consequential objectives.

Sporadically misunderstood, Sunny grasps the importance of there being times where silence is the best answer. He acknowledges that if there is something that needs to be said, it will be slow and reflective. Always remember the harder one works, the luckier that person becomes. Fundamentally, this blog also serves to reinforce these cherished principles and ideologies.

Occasionally, Sunny may blog about something that may result in skepticism or controversy. This ought not to be responded with hostility or sharp disapproval. Rather, the purpose of these actions is to challenge the audience and move them out of their conventional comfort zone.

Sunny believes to be successful in life, individuals must learn to differentiate themselves from others. In other words, people must delve into unconventional notions. By relying exclusively on the most traditional tactics and ideologies, no progress will ever be made. Following someone else’s path can sometimes be destined to fail. By innovating and creating one’s own path, he or she will have a significant chance of separating themselves from others.

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