Hey there! I’m a Canadian security blogger, information security professional, author, entrepreneur, Unix/Linux enthusiast, occasional comedian, down-to-earth guy, and lifelong student from Vancouver, B.C. I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. My passions include information security, cyber security, coding, penetration testing, system administration, intrusion detection, log analysis, music, books, fitness, Law, Computer Science, Criminology, Sociology, and Psychology.

I received my first computer which was a Compact running Windows 98 when I was in kindergarten. My fascination for computers began promptly, and I immersed indefinitely. I started learning the mIRC scripting language (mSL) before I entered the first grade. Later on, I proceeded to learn various other programming languages: Visual Basic 6.0, C++, C#, Python, Perl, PHP, and SQL. Furthermore, I began to take a keen interest in operating systems, computer security, and web security. Debian and Fedora began to grow as my favorite Linux distributions. FreeBSD and OpenBSD captured my passion for operating systems. And Solaris became one of my most used operating systems of all time. I have also mastered security vulnerabilities notably ones found in web applications such as Cross-site scripting, File Inclusions (Remote and Local File Inclusions), and SQL Injections. Yes, I sound like a computer geek trapped in the basement of my parents. But rest assured, when I talk about computers, I know computers.

People that truly know me see me as a kind and intelligent individual with a keen mind. They also know that I have a great sense of humor and that I possess an amazingly sharp mind: being capable of perceiving certain things that a majority of individuals would be unaware of and I can figure out things quickly. Therefore, my skill asset also includes analyzing and interpreting my surroundings.

When I’m not blogging, you can see me spend most of my free time working out at the gym, reading, writing, coding, penetration testing, administrating servers, gaming, watching movies and television shows, and listening to music.

I seek to expand the knowledge of my readers through numerous subjects: information security, cyber security, reviews of various entertainment mediums, fitness, personal stories and life experiences. Thus, I also incorporate my insight and advice into blog posts. Nevertheless, most of the content on this blog pertains to technology-oriented topics.

The flexibility of my knowledge and skills in these various subjects offer the reader not merely valuable wisdom, but also something inherently interesting as well.

I also share, in detail, my own stories and life experiences. If I have accomplished something, you can learn it here. If I have failed, you can read about that too.

I strongly believe that there is no reason why you can’t follow the same path as I can. More importantly, I am positive that you may match or exceed my achievements and also overcome the most challenging obstacles in life. This blog also serves to inform and teach you how to achieve this.

Occasionally, I may blog about something that may result in skepticism or controversy. Though, this is to challenge the reader and move him or her out of their conventional comfort zone. I believe to be successful in life, we must learn to differentiate ourselves from other people. In other words, we must delve into unconventional notions. By relying exclusively on the most traditional tactics and ideologies, no progress will ever be made. Following someone else’s path can sometimes be destined to failure. By innovating and creating your own path, you will have a significant chance of separating yourselves from others.

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