FBI Won’t Recommend Any Charges Against Clinton in Email Probe

July 6, 2016

The FBI’s decision not to recommend charges for Hillary Clinton’s recklessness over the use of private unclassified email servers in handling government business has presumably removed the threat of criminal prosecution during Clinton’s most significant time of campaign for the United States presidency.

FBI Director James Comey’s judgment of Clinton as “extremely careless” in her handling of extremely important and private information conveys that Clinton is not only unsuitable to be the Commander-in-Chief but also that she is incapable of guarding the nation’s secrets.

The State Department’s Inspector General stated that Clinton and her team ignored definite warnings from department representatives that her email system infringed on federal standards and was in a vulnerable position of exposing highly classified information to hackers. Clinton disregarded this advice and avoided talking to the Inspector General. The audit revealed the fact that she was worrisome of her personal data being potentially accessible by individuals from the use of a government email account.

Comey admitted that 110 emails on the server consist of classified information and that 8 of the email chains enclosed vital top secret information. Though, Clinton has asserted that she has never obtained or transmitted information that was considered classified during the time, which is clearly a blatant lie.

Furthermore, Comey acknowledged that Clinton erased work-related email emails prior to turning them over to the State Department in spite of her claims contrarily.

Hillary Clinton has not only deceived and misinformed the public regarding her unethical and reckless actions but also consciously chose to do so during her nomination as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Therefore, Clinton’s behavior has imperiled the national security of the United States. She lacks integrity and would continue to convince the public that she is the ideal presidential candidate. It’s obvious that when Clinton acts above the law, she is never responsible for her own actions.

Comey also admits that it is likely that foreign governments and actors may have in possession of significant secrets of the U.S government as a result of Clinton’s actions.

Even more upsetting is the fact that Comey emphasizes that his reason for his recommendations against charging Clinton arises from the perception that there is no precedent or case law for charging an individual under such comparable circumstances. Moreover, Comey says that the FBI were unable to find any case in which the individual was charged with crimes for identical conduct. Comey also affirms that there is promising evidence of probable violations of the regulations concerning Clinton’s handling of classified information, but he states that the judgment of the FBI is that no reasonable prosecutor would build a case around these actions. More truly, Comey’s statement should be reframed as “any reasonable prosecutor would be unwilling to build a case around Clinton’s actions due to political influence and the fear that the prosecutor’s involvement may result in their career as being short-lived” Practically any reasonable prosecutor would be unwilling to build a case around a presidential candidate given the risks and troubles greatly outweigh the long-awaited benefits. Clinton’s legal team, substantial connections to policy-makers, influence on politics and the court system, and her ego are things that would instill fear on any prosecutor. It is even more evident that a heavily-biased government and therefore, prosecutors would favor Clinton which is likely even more significant in deciding to proceed with a case or not. Clinton’s strong support and influence on society, particularly celebrities like Katy Perry illustrate her power to gain and maintain supporters despite her careless behaviors being openly available via the media. Hence, Comey’s declaration that the investigation into Clinton’s actions was administered justly, reasonably, and impartially is merely untrue and is an insult to the purported rule of law in America today. Precedent and case law must be built and nourished respectively. Without a first case, there would never be a second to follow through with.

Your political viewpoints and beliefs may differ greatly from one another, but the inevitable betrayal of trust by Clinton has become a reality and marks a sad day for democracy and the rule of law. This blatant miscarriage of justice witnessed continues to be a nightmare for those who are concerned with equality and fairness of not only the United States, but also it’s Constitution. The United States is a core country. Thus, the U.S serves as a role model to the periphery and semi-periphery countries. If the United States demonstrates this level of bias, then the less industrialized capitalist and powerful countries will also likely follow the same moral code as the U.S.  Since the government does not impose consequences on politicians who are reckless, only the voters may be able to overcome this nightmare by choosing the right presidential candidate.

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