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MTV Scream: Season 2 Killer Revealed

August 17, 2016

The reminiscence of Billy Loomis in this season finale episode is substantial.

The MTV television show which is based on the highly successful movie franchise of the identical name adopted an indistinguishable storyline and chose the boyfriend as the killer.

The much-anticipated finale has revealed the season two killer, and it is Kieran.

Emma and Audrey were together. Noah and Brook were together. But no one was together with Kieran, and this was the clear sign that Kieran was the killer. And Kieran’s motive makes sense since Piper was killed. Kieran was “together” with Piper, and he was torn by this loss. It is indicated that Kieran and Piper were dating, and the motive is not that Kieran’s parents had died in a car crash due to Kevin Duval as some viewers have suggested in the past.

It was just obvious to me that Kieran was the killer when watching the episode. Kieran vanishes and the killer strikes. Killer vanishes, Kieran magically and conventionally shows up again to be the knight in shining armor. But I know that those are not his true intentions. It is the same formula again as with the previous episodes.


scream-mtv-season-two-finale-twoscream-mtv-season-two-finale-threescream-mtv-season-two-finale-fiveThe actual knight in shining armor was Eli. Eli went into the movie theater bravely while injured severely and confronted all three Lakewood characters (Emma, Audrey, and Kieran). Eli told Emma that he followed Kieran to the theater and that he was stabbed shortly after by Kieran. Emma chose to believe her boyfriend over him and shot him once while he was already injured by a stab which was in fact initiated by Kieran. Many people expected Eli to be the killer, but their prediction was evidently wrong. The writers of the TV show desperately made Eli appear to be the villain. But in reality, Eli is nothing but a good guy after all. Everything Eli said was true, his liking for Emma was genuine, and the fact that Emma shot him has traumatized her further. There is more than deep regret here, but also the development of insecurity and mistrust of others from Emma’s perspective. The moment Emma shot Eli, Kieran immediately took Emma’s gun and stated that “It’s over.” Obviously, it was just the beginning. It was then after that Emma realized from a comment that Kieran made while he again pretended to protect her from the killer that he was really behind it all. Unlike Piper, Kieran actually survives and interacts primarily with Emma for some time before Emma and Audrey prevailed over him. We are presented with a drastically different Kieran whom we’ve previously yawned over due to his lack of personality.


scream-mtv-season-two-finale-sevenscream-mtv-season-two-finale-eightscream-mtv-season-two-finale-ninescream-mtv-season-two-finale-tenscream-mtv-season-two-finale-elevenThe only reason people wouldn’t believe that Kieran would be the killer was his dull personality. He lacked the wit and sarcasm of the purported killer. But what I loved about this episode was that his true character was finally presented not only to Emma and Audrey but also to the audience. The facial expressions of the madman Kieran accompanied by the statement “You just told me you love me.” was shocking since what everyone thought he was turned out be an act of deception. The deceptive act was Kieran portraying a cool, calm, and caring boyfriend who was there for Emma. But instead, this was not genuine and fooled everybody. Deep down, Kieran was filled with hatred and had merely malicious motives to destroy the very people whom Emma loved in her life. For this entire time, Kieran was just pretending to be Emma’s boyfriend while he and Piper were killing. His motive was revenge.

There were some important questions that I had after watching the finale. Notably, if Kieran was a murderer before he met Piper and whether Piper fully convinced him to kill for the initial time. Kieran’s statement of “But Piper showed me that killing people is way more fun than therapy.” during his final confrontation with Emma and Audrey revealed that not only was Kieran messed up psychologically but also that Piper was a big reason and influence on him brutally murdering people.

Kieran looked very disappointed when he was caught. Thus, implying that he not only lacked a clear conscience but also didn’t want to stop hurting and killing people. Significantly, this also suggests that Kieran’s original plan was intended with getting away with the atrocious crimes he has committed. He was arrested by the police, sent to prison, and receives a call from another killer allegedly Brandon James. This sets the story and tone for season three.

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