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MTV Scream: Who Do You Think Is The Masked Killer In Season 2?

August 11, 2016

The pre-finale episode “Heavenly Creatures” revealed the imminent demise of Mayor Maddox who was brutally stabbed with a pitchfork in the stomach after being enticed to the deserted pig farm. This largely excludes Mayor Maddox as one of the suspected killers who the viewers have long sought him to be. More significantly, Emma and Audrey discovered Mayor Maddox during his final agony, bleeding to death in the farm. The two ladies picked up the tools within the farm when they presumed the killer’s deadly presence through the sound of foot movement in an effort to defend themselves. Soon the cops arrive and arrest both of them under the suspicion of not only the murder of Brooke’s father but also all of the preceding murders that occurred in Lakewood. Was this a genuine set-up by the killer or a mere illusion to draw attention away from the actual killer and/or potential accomplice? Are Emma and/or Audrey as innocent as they appear to be?

Here is the top list of guilty suspects in season 2:



Perhaps the most popular choice by viewers as the season 2 killer. He always conveniently pops up on the scene as the killer vanishes mysteriously. At the carnival, he was purportedly kidnapped by the killer and tied up in the clown house at the carnival. When he came out of the clown house, the police pointed their guns at him and Miguel unmasked him. Obviously, it appeared that everyone was convinced that the real killer had staged the whole thing and that Kieran was the “victim”. How do we know that it wasn’t Kieran who staged this and the unmasking was, in fact, the true reveal of the killer who viciously murdered many people? The killer is clearly smart, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he or she pulled this kind of thing in order to reduce the attention away from the actual killer. We also know that Kieran “discovered” letters that seemingly suggest that Eli is the culprit behind all of the killings. But is Eli really guilty? Kieran lives with Eli which makes it incredibly easy for him to plant evidence in Eli’s room to make him look extremely guilty. Importantly, Kieran made sure the camera was on and that it captured him discovering the evidence to convince his peers that he is innocent after all. We already know that Kieran doesn’t approve of Eli’s presence around Emma, and this is illustrated through the violent meltdown by Kieran, resulting in Eli being beaten viciously at the carnival. Kieran wants to keep Emma all to himself, and that may explain why the killer has not killed Emma yet. He is the character whose only purpose appears to be there for Emma. Perhaps, there is another purpose which could be to seek revenge for his father’s death. We know that the killer evidently hates Audrey and has had many opportunities to kill her. By not killing Audrey, the killer has psychologically tormented her and attempted to dislodge her from established social circles consisting of the other Lakewood five individuals. As of the pre-finale episode, the killer has finally waited long enough and has successfully framed both of the ladies for killing Mayor Madox. Clearly, these acts of violence and hatred cannot be ignored. So there are many potential motives there for you to digest.  Also notably, he was the one that communicated to Emma’s mother that Emma and Audrey were going to the pig farm, hence police were called to the scene. Kieran only seems to appear at later times and appears to be clueless about everything going on. This could all be an act of deception. The only contradiction of Kieran as a killer stems from his personality. Viewers know that he doesn’t have much of a personality, while the killer is both witty and sarcastic. Perhaps Kieran has split personality disorder.



This brings us to our next top suspect. Since the beginning of season two, Stavo has looked immensely guilty in front of the everyone, including the audience and TV characters. Stavo could very well be the killer or even the accomplice. We know that Stavo had sneakily entered into Mayor Maddox’s home in order to steal some important documents. Stavo could have gave Kieran the information of Mayor Maddox’s illicit dealings in the town which would assist Kieran in luring Mr. Maddox into the pig farm. He could be working with Kieran. Or perhaps Stavo kept it to himself and lured Mr. Maddox into the pig farm without any additional help from anyone. Not to mention that Stavo also placed Kieran’s drawing next to his own drawing of the killer. Stavo’s sketchiness is further demonstrated when he appears to be genuinely interested in Noah’s podcast. He visited Noah at the hospital and convinced Noah to continue his podcast. Stavo also Stavo gave Noah some hope by saying his podcast really made a positive influence on Stavo’s life. Perhaps the killer within Stavo knew how to deceive and manipulate an intelligent teenager like Noah who has ever been emotionally wounded by his girlfriend’s death. Stavo could of easily taken advantage of this situation and the viewer may not have seen this even though it is presented in front of them. Furthermore, Stavo emailed Noah’s drawings which shortly led to Noah’s laptop being compromised and thus, letting the killer maliciously upload a file that sets up the finale in season two. The killer is known to be tech savvy and it wouldn’t surprise me if Stavo had this capability or even the help from the killer to infect Noah’s laptop. Another guilty conception is the taped session of Stavo with Miss Lang. Stavo stated that “Michelangelo needed subjects, so he robbed graves”, which lead to Miss Lang asking, “So that’s why you kept the bodies?”. While this was unanswered, we know that the killer did in fact kept and preserved Piper’s body. Viewers immediately know that Piper is really dead, but they may also fail to notice that this evidence of her death could very likely correlate to the taped session of Stavo and Miss Lang. The fact that Stavo owns a Brandon James mask is alarming.



Another popular choice for the killer in season two. Eli has had a sketchy history. He has had a restraining order against him for sneaking into a girl’s bedroom without her consent. We see in the latest preview trailer for the finale episode “When a Stranger Calls” that Eli and Kieran are confronting each other. Eli says that “I’m going to do whatever I want.” Perhaps Eli and Kieran have been working together all this time. Perhaps Kieran is mad at Eli since Eli no longer wants to follow by the books: to do things in orderly fashion. And instead, Eli chooses to do things his own way and without control by Kieran. Eli may very well die in the finale since he may know too much. I wouldn’t be surprised that the scene where the preview trailer shows Eli walking away from Kieran, he gets stabbed by Kieran which would be the killer reveal to the audience. A newspaper photo revealed Eli to be present at Will’s funeral. What was he doing at Lakewood at the time? Why didn’t he reveal this fact to everyone if he is innocent? Perhaps he was a friend of Will and he could have mentioned this to Emma to possibly win her over, but he didn’t. I strongly believe that the writers of this TV show put too much effort into making Eli look like the bad guy. Usually, the killer is not who we think it is. If a character appears to be the killer, it is usually not the case. Eli could very likely be a distraction and a red herring. Honestly, it can’t be this easy.



Okay, it seems to be a little ridiculous and idiotic to even include Noah in the list of top suspects. But is it really? We clearly know that Noah just lost the love of life and had been incredibly hurt that it may well have already diminished his sense of self. He has almost been killed off the show. But those who have watched the Scream movies know that the killers are able to reduce attention from them by being stabbed by a knife. Thus, they have no problem of inflicting self-harm if there is a purpose they deem to be reasonable. Noah could be pretending this entire time. We know that the killer is both highly intelligent and tech savvy. Noah appears to be the only one of the Lakewood Six to meet this stringent criteria. But would he really go through all of the trouble like burying himself and following the directions via his former girlfriend’s phone which was being elaborately used by the killer in the woods? He seemed genuine the entire time and real scared too.


Kevin Duval

Imagine the surreal disappointment if Emma’s dad was revealed to be the killer. He has appeared in this entire season for only like a couple of minutes. He magically appeared in Lakewood and told his daughter that he finally thought that he needed to be there for her. This raises some skeptism. And he manages to leave Emma once again after a violent alteration with someone. We know that Mr. Duval is a violent person. The killer is violent. But we also know that the killer is capable of self-control. Mr. Duval is not.


Brandon James

Is Brandon James really dead? He may actually be still alive. We were shown flashbacks from decades ago where a young Maggie and Miguel discovered an injured Brandon in the woods and then proceeded to drop him off at the pig farm. Why bother showing this scene to the audience if it carries no significance at all? While Maggie refused to believe that Brandon James could still be alive, she may be lying and Miguel even said that Brandon James could be wanting revenge since Piper was his daughter.



She may appear to be caring and trustworthy. But is she really? She has the tendency to not reveal all vital information such as that she’d had Brandon Jame’s baby. Why hide this information? Perhaps she feels guilty of something that’s why. She failed to mention that the last time she saw Brandon he was alive. Is there a hidden merit to conceal everything? If she has already concealed so much of the past, what’s keeping her from hiding even more? And this means she could be hiding the most important fact of all — the truth.



We know that Brooke is very capable of being violent. This is illustrated by handcuffing Mr. Branson to a bed and using scissors as a form of weapon to cut him. She could also killed her father since she didn’t seem to be very happy of his presence lately. Perhaps she decided that enough was enough. That could explain why his father met his demise recently and who also happens to be the individual she deems responsible for Jake’s death. Perhaps her true love for Jake led to his father’s painful death. What is even more odd is the fact that Brooke has never been attacked by the killer this entire season. Where was she when everyone else appeared at Haley’s “Face the Mask” bash?

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